Why I Ask About Guns

I-ASK-Website-LogoThis Friday (June 21st) is ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Day. This collaboration between the American Academy of Pediatrics and The Center to Prevent Youth Violence is an effort to encourage parents to help keep kids safe by asking, “Is there a gun where your child plays?” Continue reading

Step Away from the Cell Phone

It happened again three times in clinic today.  In the middle of a patient visit, a parent picked up their cell phone.  To answer a call, to text a friend, to read their email.  The trend of being always connected and available has reached the exam room.  When this first started happening I was sort of incredulous.  I mean, I’m there, talking to you about your child’s health, and you’re taking a call? 

Then something interesting happened. I got a smart phone, and I started to get more connected myself.  I downloaded a few apps.  And, it was great.  I could read my email or the newspaper anytime.  I could use the phone during a clinic visit to check a drug dose or potential side effect.  Eventually, and here’s the confession part, I found myself start to be sort of drawn to the phone.  I pull it out while waiting in line at the post office.  I take it out of my pocket at work to use the calculator and suddenly find that my email is open and I am reading it.  This seems to happen as if all on its own. I have to close it, remember what I was doing, and move on.  I even sometimes have to consciously stop myself from grabbing the phone while driving.

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