10 Things I’m Doing Right Now



Credit: David Sipress, The New Yorker


I’ve seen this graphic shared a number of times recently and I think it is something many are feeling these days. I know I am. I certainly do not have all of the answers (by any stretch) but here are 10 things I’m doing right now to try to find balance and peace.

1. Reach out to one friend or family member each day. Whether via text, email, call, or in-person, it feels like an important time to maintain our existing personal connections and build new ones.

2. Meditate 10 minutes (minimum) each day.

3. Place boundaries on social media. Now, more than ever, I need to control my media consumption instead of it controlling me. Giving my phone an early bedtime was the first (very effective) step.

4. Stay informed but carefully choose my sources. Facebook will not be my primary news source.

5. Place one call to a legislator each day. It is hard to know whether this will make a difference. But I do know one thing that will definitely not make an impact- doing nothing.

6. Read a little each day. If it is fiction, so much the better. Write a little each day. Whatever comes to me; and however short- not for any particular reason except that it makes me a better person.

7. Continue to get to know my Dallas community. Serve others locally as often as I can.

8. Dig deep into my roles as mother and pediatrician. Our children need us to be fully present with them; to support, guide, explain, and above all, to listen.

9. Practice and share self-care and wellness strategies. For me these include daily exercise, prioritizing sleep, and good nutrition.

10. Double down on radical love and kindness. There is no other way.

1 thought on “10 Things I’m Doing Right Now

  1. Completely agree, Heidi!
    For me:
    1) Plan a Happy Hour with friends and co-workers once a week. The more diverse the opinions the better.

    2) Track how much I walk each day; above an hour is great; with the dogs is the best.

    3) Leave Facebook behind. I’m particularly enjoying Natgeo’s instagram feed to remind me of how big, beautiful and diverse the world is.

    4) Read and think a little each day. I increased my humble book goal to 6 for this year. I’m appreciating the “note” apps on my phone because this pseudo-journal helps me reflect and be mindful of the bigger and important things that I care about.

    5) Continue to get to know my Aurora and Denver community. Serve others locally as often as I can; invite others along.

    6) As a friend and geriatrician, ask my parents, in-law, and my friends (as they care for their loved ones), how they’re doing with the challenges, joys and realities of being a care partner.

    7) Practice simplicity and living within my means. For me, this means seeking functional and fun meal prep (currently Hello Fresh twice a month, and a goal of cooking at home more so that we enjoy going out once a week). This also means only buying intended purchases, limiting impulse buying.

    8) Double down on radical love and kindness. There is no other way. This is the most important.


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