Campaign for Kindness

Kindness begets kindness evermore -Sophocles

One need only catch a glimpse of a political ad for the current presidential campaign to get a taste of vitriol.  Change the channel and you might hear a reality TV show contestant viciously gossiping about a cast mate.  Have we always been this snarky and cruel to each other?  Have we always been taken in by this type of entertainment?   Watching, rubberneckers at the scene.  Or, rather, has there been an insidious decline in our treatment of each other?  Surrounded by meanness, we take it all in.  We become part of it.  Suddenly, a snide comment at work sounds normal.  Aggressive driving is commonplace.  An adult bullies a child at the playground and those overhearing barely flinch.

All the while, the kids are watching. And, I can’t help thinking, what are we teaching them? How will they treat each other? Continue reading