3 Words for 2014. Focus. Accept. Sleep.

IMG_1401Over the past few years, in leiu of goal-oriented New Year’s resolutions, I’ve chosen words to serve as a guide for my year. Inspired by a few writers I admire, I’ve found this practice to be very meaningful for me. And setting it in writing here on the blog last year was quite powerful. I found that the words Decide, Attend, and Play stayed in the fore throughout the year. I went back to the post a number of times to gauge how I was doing. And, although I can’t say I always succeeded in meeting my own expectations, I do think that setting these intentions did affect the flow of my year. So, here are my words for 2014. Continue reading

3 Words for 2013: Decide. Attend. Play.

I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions. It seems they often fade away by mid-year. But, this year I’m taking a page from two of my favorite physician writers, Dr. Vartabedian and Dr. Swanson and aiming for a more conceptual resolution that I hope will stick. A series of three words that I will keep in mind this year, in both personal and professional realms. Words that I hope will help guide 2013, a year that is likely to be filled with some change for me. Continue reading