Instead of Black Friday, I’m going to Block Friday

I have to admit I’ve never been much of a Black Friday shopper. Standing in lines, getting up early. . . it’s just never appealed to me. But, neither have I been very mindful of how I spend this day. Perhaps this is due in part to the fact that I’ve often been on call over the Thanksgiving weekend.

This year that’s going to change. I have Friday off. Instead of heading out to the malls, I’m going to start a new tradition. I’m going to Block Friday. Continue reading

In Defense of Two-Year-Olds: Why The Twos Are Not So Terrible

People often ask how old my son is when we are out and about. When he proudly says, “Two!”, the most common response is a smile to him. . .  and a knowing glance to me. This is often accompanied by, “Oooh, the terrible twos!”

I’m here today to stand in the defense of two-year-olds. Sure, they have their share of tantrums and the transition from infant to preschooler is sometimes a bumpy ride. But, it is also amazing. Two-year-olds are pretty darn cool. Here’s why. Continue reading

Toilet Training, Part Two: There’s a Potty in My Purse

It’s been a long while since I have written about potty training. Initially this was due to well, lack of news. Lately I’ve been hesitant to write for fear of jinxing the progress we’ve made. But, after a few great weeks, I feel relatively safe in reporting that our little guy is now (mostly) dry during the day and naptime. Still working on nighttime, but that will come. Continue reading

The NeverEnding Bedtime

I am very excited to have Dr. Craig Canapari here on My Two Hats this week as the blog’s first guest. Dr. Canapari is a board certified pediatric pulmonologist and sleep specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, where he cares for children with sleep and breathing problems. He is here today with great advice regarding bedtime resistance in toddlers. I think his thoughts will prove very helpful for many families, as they did for us. So, check out the post, and then head over to his great blog for more fantastic tips about sleep and children.
Continue reading

All About Milk: From Breast Milk to Soy Milk and Everything in Between

I get lots and lots of questions about milk in clinic- breastmilk, formula, whole milk, soy milk. You name it. Especially during the first two years of their child’s life, parents think a lot about milk. So, I thought I’d round up some of the best resources I’ve found on this topic. Continue reading

Am I Really Busy. . . or Does It Just Feel That Way?

Any way you cut it, life as a parent is busy. Or, at least it feels that way. Some days I’m filled with a feeling that most parents have had to varying degrees at different times. There are not enough hours in the day. Weeks and months fly by. To-do lists grow longer. I’m one skipped nap away from chaos. I feel busy.

But a recent New York Times article reminded me that most of us who feel busy actually choose to be so. Continue reading

Honoring Fathers

I love when fathers come to their newborn’s first visit to the doctor. When I say, “Congratulations on your new baby!” their faces break into a wide smile. Fresh, excited, supportive, and proud. But, new fathers sometimes express that they are unsure of their role. The maternal role is well-defined in early months- especially for breastfeeding mothers. A father’s role is often less clear and takes navigation. But, as I tell these new dads, the research tells us that it is no less important. Simply by their supportive presence, fathers make a difference. Continue reading

Travel with Toddlers

Last weekend I flew with my son to see family. While I wish it weren’t the case, we currently live quite far from both sides of our extended family. Long trips with a young child aren’t my ideal, but they are my current reality. As our society becomes more mobile, I’m willing to bet that many of your families are in the same situation. Because I was flying alone with my two-year-old, but determined to make it a pleasant experience for everyone, I did a little reading and planning ahead of this trip. I’ll share a few of my own tips that worked well, as well as some wonderful resources I found. Continue reading