Book Review: Mama Doc Medicine

mama doc medicineFirst a disclosure- I am an unabashed fan of Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, aka Seattle Mama Doc. I have long followed her blog and twitter feed and so appreciate her work. A pediatrician and mom, she writes clear, evidence-based blog posts in an open and transparent manner. She has an unmatched ability to break down emerging science around child health into relatable, practical tips. I’m excited to report that her book, Mama Doc Medicine, combines many of her best blog posts with new information creating a fantastic new resource for parents and all who care for kids.

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Why Vaccinate for Varicella?

The other day the mom of one of my ten-month-old patients called and asked, “What do you think about me taking him to a chicken pox party instead of getting the vaccine?” This is a question that comes up occasionally, and has a clear, easy answer. Don’t do it! Vaccinate your kids against varicella. Here’s why.

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Vaxfax: Resources for Information about Immunizations

April 21-28 is National Infant Immunization Week in the US. This annual observance is set up as a time to promote the benefits of immunization and to celebrate the milestones reached in controlling vaccine-preventable illness in children. This year the campaign goes global, with the World Health Organization sponsoring the first ever World Immunization Week. Continue reading

Why I Won’t Fire Vaccine-Hesitant Families

There was much buzz in the media last week about a recent Wall Street Journal article suggesting that more physicians are “firing” families who refuse to vaccinate their children.  The article cites two recent studies that found that a range of 21-30% of physicians admit to this practice, versus 6% in a 2001 study.  While this is still a minority of physicians, it seems to be a growing minority. Continue reading