Summer Safety

Summer is here! A time of vacations, parks, and picnics. But, with all of this fun, it is also a time to think about staying safe. Here’s a collection of great advice from some of my favorite child health websites.

Staying Safe in the Water:
Drowning and near-drowning are all too common. According to the CDC, three children die every day in the US as a result of drowning. This is a sobering statistic, but there is a lot we can do as parents to protect our children. Please read Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson’s, “Your Friend’s Pool: Drowning Risk” and Dr. Melissa Arca’s “In the blink of an eye” for important water safety tips.

Staying Safe in the Sun:
As you head to the park or that mid-day barbeque, don’t forget to protect yourself and your little ones from the sun. Dr. Denise Somsak has a great review of best practices for use of sunscreen and protective clothing. Dr. Natasha Burgert reviews the importance of oft-forgotten eye protection for kids in her post, “Sunglasses for Kids: What Parents Need to Know”.

Staying Safe on the Bike:

Bike rides are a great way to enjoy a summer day as a family. Dr. Somsak reviews the safest way to bring young children along as passengers on a parent’s bike. I recently reviewed the importance of helmet use, and the Peds for Parents blog has a great review of how to fit a helmet.

Staying Safe on the Road:

Finally, summer is often a time of vacations and road trips. Brush up on the latest recommendations for car seat use with Dr. Burgert’s posts, “Back Seat Until 13: Why Your Pre-Teen Should Get the Back Seat” and “What I heard in clinic last week… (about the new AAP car seat guidelines)”, which reviews why it is important for children to remain in rear facing car seats until at least two years old. Finally, please remember to never leave a child unattended in the car, even for a minute, due to the risk that heat poses to kids.

If you are looking for more safety tips, I recommend the following sites:

  • Safe Kids USA, a “nationwide network of organizations working to prevent unintentional childhood injury”

Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful summer!

4 thoughts on “Summer Safety

  1. A great collection of summer safety issues. We have compulsory pool fencing here in Australia (a great example of a public health policy success). Is that legislated in the US?

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