Pediatrician as turnip, or feeling the squeeze

Are we keeping up with the times?

Recently Dr. Maggie Kozel wrote an excellent post for Huffington Post regarding the need for evolution in the way that we deliver health care in pediatrics.  This is a very timely article in an area that needs attention.  She responds to a recent study out of UCLA that found that well child visits are shorter than we would hope- one-third last less than 10 minutes.  There’s been a lot of talk about this study, but to be honest, I’m not at all surprised.  And, Dr. Kozel is the first I’ve heard truly address the reasons behind this problem.  The current structure of medicine forces primary care physicians to see more and more patients per day.  She points out that the study showed that this problem is especially notable in private practice. Continue reading

Both Sides Now

My son just turned 18 months.  Since becoming a mother, many people have asked, has it changed you as a pediatrician? Have you changed the way you practice medicine? The answer? A resounding yes!  And, the reverse is also true; being a pediatrician changes me as a mother. And, not always in the ways you might expect. I find myself searching for the balance between the textbooks I’ve read and the reality that families are living.  And, I find myself more and more with the need to write about it.  Thus, the idea for this blog was born. I am a mother to a beautiful baby boy. I am a pediatrician/child advocate. And, I will be both of these here. My vision for My Two Hats is to take hot topics in pediatrics, child health policy, and parenting and look at them from each side.  It will be part advice with a personal slant, part confession (what the science tells us versus practical reality), and hopefully part entertaining.

There are already a number of pediatricians out there writing and blogging, and there is a veritable industry of mommy blogs (check out my blogroll to see some that I think are great).  Why should you read My Two Hats?  Well, I think have a unique perspective to add.  Our family is bicultural and bilingual and I’ll definitely touch on those themes.  I am a passionate child advocate, especially for underserved kids, and will use this forum to bring their issues to the fore.

Please let me know what you think of My Two Hats!  I am always open to comments, suggestions,  and ideas for post topics.